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Altered Sound and its employees; a group of dedicated individuals; characterized by corporate and personal integrity, fiscal responsibility and a commitment to excellence in customer service, products, installation, and team member development; all of which enable our goal of dominating existing markets and the industries we represent. Our strength is generated from commitment to our customers, fellow team members, suppliers, and the communities we serve.

Car audio installation Oakville, Mississauga, Burlington Ontario Canada. We provide home audio and video systems in GTA. Residential and commercial security systems

Altered Sound is Recognized for our creative and innovative quality designs

Altered Sound is Brand Driven! Selection varies in top brands such as; Alpine, Clarion, Kicker, Eclipse, etc.

Altered Sound’s Installation is Second to None. All Altered Sound installers are highly qualified and certified. They are leaders in terms of quality of workmanship and customer expertise.


Marine radio and speakers install. Altered Sound for the rescue!

This install supposed to be quick and easy... Here is old speakers. And yes, it`s not marine speakers. And yes, these speakers has been installed really bad. Connectors is for the weak! Twist the wires like a real man! So before the new radio install (it was a Clarion...
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2010 Volvo XC90 aftermarket radio install

This automotive masterpiece came in Canada from Sweden in 2010. Volvo XC90 fully loaded with every electronic unit which can be installed in the vehicle. And on top of this luxury equipment fiber optic network  aka MOST-bus wich controls all electronic units in this...
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Chevrolet Corvette 2 din radio and back up camera install

Just quick Pioneer 2 din radio and backup camera install for this beautiful Corvette C6. List of used parts 2 din dash kit for Chevrolet Corvette Chime module with harness (base radio...
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Brand new Ford F150 2017 front speakers and amps install

This brand new Ford F150 came to our shop last week for install. New speakers, two amplifiers and subwoofer. All for the amazing sound! Equipment list Front speakers FOCAL ES 165 K2 Rear speakers - factory Ford (waiting for replace Speakers amplifier Rockford Fosgate...
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SEADOO Speedster. Fast and loud- ready for season!

This Speedster came to the shop before long weekend. It had just an old radio with old speakers. And there is only two speakers but customer wants more! He need loud system and just two speakers in the back is not enough. The boat have a tower, so we decided to put...
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2010 BMW X50 E70 Mosconi 4 ch amp and JL Audio subwoofer install

This BMW X50 came to subwoofer installation. The front speakers were changed to Focal Kevlar series. And today we will install nice, audiophile amplifier Mosconi D2 100.4 and 10inch JL Audio W3 subwoofer. So this is the trunk. Customer wants to keep it clean and don't...
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Marine audio system Kicker

Nice day for boat cruise? Enjoy your music on the lake! Marine audio by Altered...
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Lotus Elise and Focal Utopia Be

Little red car have a BIG sound! Ultimate sound quality by Focal Utopia Berillium Head unit ECLIPSE Speakers Focal Utopia Kit 6. Subwoofer Focal Utopia Amplifier Focal 5...
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When SIRIUS is getting SERIOUS

SIRIUS XM Demo car by Altered sound. Serious system for Sirius radio! Full system with all new Sirius XM recievers, JVC screen on the back, two 10inch subwoofers and...
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Harley-Davidson Electra glide sound system repair and replacement

This gorgeous bike came to check the OEM Harman Kardon radio and amplifier. Radio was working, but there was no sound from the speakers. Fairing cover is taken off and we see the radio and aplifier After couple hours of research and troubleshooting we were 100% sure...
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