FOCAL 6-Channel Amplifier FDP 6.900

FOCAL 6-Channel Amplifier FDP 6.900

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Full Range Class D

  • Very small size for power output
  • Can be used in 3, 4, 5 & 6 channel modes
  • High-level input, compatible with OEM Stereo
  • Easily accessible settings
  • Remote sub control
  • Invisible mounting bracket
  • Highest level of crossover flexibility
Power into 4 Ohms 6x150W rms
Power into 2Ohms 4_200 + 2x250W rms
Bridged mode into 4 Ohms 2_400 + 1x500W rms
Bridged mode into 2 Ohms (Ch 5&6 only) 1x600W rms
Frequency response 5Hzí30kHz
Signal/noise ratio >101dB (A)
Adjustable gain 200mV + 10V
2 x 14-3/8 x 7-3/4 in (50 x 364 x 196mm)
Protections Short-circuit, thermal overload, polarity reversal, DC


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