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FSP-8 is the ultimate digital tool to optimize and shape the audio signalíŠ High-resolution sound quality, compatible inputs/outputs, a user interface designed for and by acoustic experts, FSP-8 is the ultimate tool for the most demanding installations.

How could we create the best product on the market for connecting your head unit to your amplifier system? How could we make it possible for you to shape and fine-tune the audio spectrum to create your very own musical experience?

Even if most vehicles today are equipped with a standard audio system, the most demanding sound enthusiasts want unique, high-quality audio for their car.

They want to build their system, step by step and have full control over each element of the audio story. The DSP (Digital Signal Processor) is an essential tool in achieving this.

Key Points
  • Compatible with all head units
  • High-resolution digital input (24 bits/192kHz)
  • Unique and intuitive user interface Focal DSP Manager
  • Remote controlí_included
FSP-8 Remote Control (INCLUDED)
  • This LCD remote control improves user experience with DSP FSP-8.
  • The intuitive control allows you to easily adjust the main settings, and more importantly, to recall up to four saved presets.
  • This remote control will be essential to drive the Digital Signal ProcessoríŠ
Low-level input sensitivity (Analog and Aux) 1.2V í 4.9V
High-level input sensitivity (Analog and Aux) 4.8V í 20.6V
Digital input formats supported (optical) up to 24 bits/192kHz
Number of channels 8
Max. output (with 10kŒ_) level 3.4V
Frequency response (digital crossover off/-3dB) 5Hz í 21kHz
í_Signal/noise ratio í_-90dBa (analogue input) -99dBa (optical)
í_Harmonic distortion í 10kŒ_ í @1kHz (with 22kHz low-pass filter) 0.02%
í_Crosstalk í 4Œ_ í @1kHz Gain adjustment range í_-78dB
Equaliser í_64dB
í_Adjustable high-pass crossover í_10 bands, each fully customisable for each channel
Adjustable high-pass crossover í_16Hz í 20kHz
Adjustable bandpass crossover í_16Hz í 20kHz
í_Latency adjustment range í_16Hz í 20kHz 0-22ms per channel
í_Latency adjustment steps í_0.1ms
í_Phase inverter í__
Easy Configuration í__
í_Dynamic help í__
Power consumption on standby (product on, no signal, 14.4 Vin) í_0.7a

(0.73 a with remote)

í_Power consumption OFF (14.4 Vin, remote OFF) í_< 50_a
í_Remote control í_Included (in US Market only)
Protection í_Polarity inverter
í_Weight í_3lbs (1.35kg)
Dimensions : (LxWxH) í_(1.35kg) 89/16_x57/16_x17/8_ (21.8cmx13.8cmx4.8cm)


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