HELIX DSP PRO 10 channel Digital Sound Processor

HELIX DSP PRO 10 channel Digital Sound Processor




The signal processor for all those, who are only satisfied with the best! The new HELIX DSP PRO raises the bar to a new level, not only in terms of sound quality. Due to the implementation of the latest generation of ultra-fast Audio DSPs with enormous 64 Bit resolution, this device provides more calculating power than every other signal processor available on the market today. In addition, it is the first of its kind which performs the full signal path with a sampling rate of 96 kHz, resulting in an extended audio bandwidth up to more than 40 kHz.

As if that were not enough – the new HELIX Extension Card Slot, simply called “HEC”, makes this device extremely flexible and versatile. It allows, by using optional HEC modules, to extend the functionality of the DSP PRO – for example by a Bluetoothí«í_í«í‰ audio streaming module, an additional optical digital input or an optical digital output.

Entirely new, but still familiar is the completely revised DSP PC-Tool software 3. As intuitive as before, it adds a bunch of new functions and more precise adjustments of all parameters. The real-time analyzer, which is integrated in the software, now comprises the revolutionary “AutoSet” function that makes the equalizer adjustment as easy as possible.

No doubt – the HELIX DSP PRO will make the dreams come true – even of the most ambitious sound enthusiasts – thatí«í_íëíæs a safe bet!

  • Cutting-edge, extremely powerful “fixed point” Audio DSP with 64 Bit resolution
  • Full audio bandwidth up to more than 40 kHzí«í_íë_ for unparalleled audio performance
  • Paragraphic 30-band EQ per channel with ultra-precise 0,25 dB steps, fine adjustment of the individual bands in 1/24 octave steps and a quality setting between 0,5 and 15
  • Time-alignment adjustment in narrow 3,5 mm steps
  • Various filter characteristics with 6 – 42dB slope available
  • Completely new íë_íë_íëí‰drag & dropíë_íë_í«Œsignal routing with separate matrices for line, SPDIF and aux input
  • Inputs: 8 x RCA/Cinch (2 íë_íë_í댱 4 Volts, 2 channels internally changeable to higher sensitivity 250 íë_íë_í댱 500 mV), 8 x highlevel (5 íë_íë_í댱 10 Volts or 10 íë_íë_í댱 20 Volts), 1 x SPDIF (optical / coaxial switchable), remote input, control input for remote control and USB connector
  • Outputs: 10 x RCA/Cinch (max. 6 Volts output voltage) and remote output
  • HELIX Extension Card slot (HEC) for additional input / output modules


Special features:

96 kHz sampling rate

The HELIX DSP PRO allows to handle all signal management with the doubled sampling rate of 96 kHz. Thus the audio bandwidth is no longer limited to usual values like 22 kHz but allows an extended frequency response to more than 40 kHz. Doubling the sampling rate requires significantly higher DSP power as the number of possible arithmetic operations is halved. Only the implementation of the latest DSP chip generation allows raising the sampling rate to 96 kHz and adding new features plus additional channels at the same time.


Power Save Mode

The Power Save Mode is incorporated in the basic setup. It allows to significantly reduce the power consumption of the amplifiers that are connected to the HELIX DSP PRO once thereíë_íë_í«íšs no input signal present for more than 60 seconds. Please note that in many up-to-date cars with íë_íë_íëí‰CANíë_íë_í«Œ or any other internal bus structures it may happen that the radio remains íë_íë_íëí‰invisiblyíë_íë_í«Œ turned on for up to 45 min. even after leaving the car! Once the íë_íë_íëí‰Power Save Modeíë_íë_íëí‰ is active the Remote Output and therefore the connected amplifiers will be turned off. The HELIX DSP PRO will reactivate the Remote Output within a second if a music signal is applied. It is possible to either modify the turn-off time of 60 sec. or completely deactivate the íë_íë_íëí‰Power Save Modeíë_íë_í«Œ via the DSP PC-Tool software.

Start-/Stop capability

The switched power supply of the HELIX DSP PRO assures a constant internal supply voltage even if the batteryíë_íë_í«íšs voltage drops to 6 Volts during engine crank.

Automatic Digital Signal DetectionSwitching from analog input to the digital input is done automatically as soon as a signal is detected on the optical input. This feature can be deactivated in the DSP PC-Tool software. Alternatively you can use an optional remote control for manual switching between analog and digital inputs.


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