Viper 4105v1 Entry Level 1-Way Remote Start System

Viper 4105v1 Entry Level 1-Way Remote Start System


Start your engine from up to 1,500 feet away with this entry level Viper remote start system. This system comes with two 4-button remotes and several features, such as keyless entry and SmartStart compatibility.

  • 2 4-button 1-Way
  • 1,500 ft. Range
Remote Confirmation None
Remotes 2 4-button 1-Way
Range 1,500 feet
Security í«í_no
Remote Start í«í_yes
Keyless Entry í«í_yes
Trunk Pop í«í_no
SmartStart Compatible í«í_yes
Encryption 66-Bit
Domelight Supervision í«í_no
Stinger DoubleGuard Shock Sensor í«í_no
Neo Revenger 6-Tone Siren í«í_no
Failsafe Starter Kill Option
Anti-Carjacking (VRS) í«í_no
Guaranteed Protection Plan (GPP) Option
# of Auxiliary Channels 2



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