This was very interesting job. The SAAB 9-3SS 2003-2007 dash have no space for double din radio. But we must find it! Let see what we have to do!

This is how the dash looks like. OEM radio control panel on top and the climate control module and CD drive on the bottom.

So we don’t need the CD drive, because new radio have it. Also, we can trow away the radio control panel

We decided to move climate control module to the upper part of the dash.Let’s take the dash apart and start making custom dash panels!

Climate control module has been taken apart. We will use front plate o make custom panel.

How it looks in the new place

Huge gap on the sides. Time to use some magic special compound to close those gaps

After that- few hours of sanding and checking the plate on the place, and sanding sanding sanding. When our hands stops shaking we can double check how the new panel looks in the place

Perfect! Time to paint it!

Climate control module is done.

The new radio faceplate was made same was as climate control module. Magic,sanding,sanding,sanding,paint.

And this is a result of 2 days of work. Customer was TOTALLY satisfied and happy!