Today we met the customer who don’t want to see any wires and amplifiers in the trunk. But in the same time he want to add more power to the current system and get more bass.

That’s not a problem for us. So we decided to hide 4 channel amplifier somewhere in the trunk.
OEM apmlifier is going straight to the garbage bin, but before that we have to take the metal bracket wich holds OEM amp.

We will use this bracket for new amplifier. Fits perfect!

All wires will be hidden in the side panels with amplifier. Also, we did a two layers of vibration damper and noise filter.

To fit new amplifier in the OEM place, we must cut some foam in the side panel

New amplifier secured with nuts to the floor

Time to put all parts together!

And this is the result! No exposed wires, hidden amplifier. Just clear and very good sound! The subwoofer box is easy to remove if customer will need more space in the trunk.