SAAB 9-3 Sport sedan 2005
Customer wants “OEM look” audio system with amazing sound stage, powerful but accurate bass and easy access to spare tire under trunk floor.

OEM head unit
4ch ampifier for front and rear speakers
1ch amplifier for subwoofer
Stinger 2AWG power cables,
12 AWG speaker wires and RCA cables
Front speakers Polk Audio MM series
Rear speakers 6×9 ArtSound
Subwoofer 10inch Polk Audio MM

Here is the trunk before install

Start with measures and cutting some plywood for custom subwoofer box. In the result- subwoofer box will fit behind the handrest of the rear seat. Total box volume is 19litres wich ideal for the Polk Audio MM series subwoofer speaker.

Next- making custom amplifier rack for two amplifiers and two crossovers for front speakers.

Measure,cut the plywood, repeat.

Time to wrap the subwoofer box and amprack to carpet.

Amprack and subbox secured with screws and bolts to the metal (rear deck and trunk floor)

All wires and cables were secured with the srews and zipties in every 5 inch. Also we used “snake skin” insulation for power wires.

The trunk is done! And we still have access to spare tire!

Front speakers installed in the front doors with total sound deadening