This BMW X50 came to subwoofer installation. The front speakers were changed to Focal Kevlar series.

And today we will install nice, audiophile amplifier Mosconi D2 100.4 and 10inch JL Audio W3 subwoofer.

So this is the trunk. Customer wants to keep it clean and don’t want to see any aftermarket stuff in the trunk.

Mosconi D2 amplifier BMW x50

Mosconi D2 amplifier is a Class D amp, so it can be installed it any spot. Small but very effective amplifier!

We found the spot in the left side of the trunk, right below OEM amplifier. New amp will be installed on the board.

BMW X50 E70 subwoofer and amplifier install

Board is in the spot. Secured with bolts to metal bracket

Amplifier goes on the board. Front pair of channels will work to front Focal speakers, and rear pair will be bridged to JL Audio W3 subwoofer in custom box.

Mosconi D2 amplifier BMW x50

Subwoofer installed

All done, all wires and cables secured with tie straps.

Mosconi D2 amplifier BMW x50

Nothing to see here 🙂 Just clean trunk and good bass

Mosconi D2 amplifier BMW x50