Today we going to show you our recent work. Two subwoofers for Harley Davidson motorcycles.

Let’s start with first bike. Orange-black CVO. The bike already has an aftermarket system, right now we going to add 8 inch subwoofer with custom box.

You can read about aftermarket system in this bike here

Harley Davidson CVO audio system upgrade part 1

Before we start working on the subwoofer box- we had to replace old 4 channel amplifier.

New amplifier is a 5 channel Rockford Fosgate monster with really small size and 750W power on the subwoofer channel

Subwoofer box must be removable. Starting with measurements and pre-cut 3/4″ Russian birch

Next – we need a trim with will cover amplifier in the beer box. Template for this trims made with paper, tape and marker.

Cut 1/4″ MDF with template

To make some stylish top side we had to use fibreglass and body filler. This picture before we sand the filler down. Top side have around 1/2″ thickness

Side view

Subwoofer box with integrated trim

Box and trim wrapped to black carpet. Also this handle on top of the box will help to remove and carry the box

Closer view

Box removed from the bike. Long speaker wire with quick release connectors also helps to remove this box easy

Here is the video of this bike. Use the headphones to hear it better 😉

Next bike. Gray 2014 Harley Davidson CVO

Same 8 inch subwoofer speaker but bit different box.

3/4″Russian birch as usual

Flat top side

Cover for 5 channel amplifier and no trim around subwoofer box.


Oh, by the way. This bike had J&M audio system. But Rockford Fosgate is better! 🙂 J&M amplifier has been removed.

J&M and RoFo amps

All new speaker and power wires

All wires protected

Some videos with this bike