This Polaris ACE 900 came to our shop brand new. Before it hits the trail- it must be equipped with nice sound system.

System plan

Bluetooth adapter

Front speakers 4″ Rockford Fosgate T142 coaxial speakers

Rear speakers 6.5″ Rockford Fosgate T1650

Subwoofer 12″ Rockford Fosgate Prime Marine subwoofer

Amplifiers Rockford Fosgate T400Xad and T750X1bd

Polaris ACE 900 speakers

Unfortunately there is no “plug and play” audio system kits for this particular UTV model. Lot’s of manufacturers makes their kit for any 2-4 seater side by sides but nothing for single seaters. So we have to go custom and build our own system from scratch.

This Polaris ACE 900 has a long cargo box at the front. Actually this box is a nice place to hide two amplifiers. But this box covers the coolant tank and some electrical components, so we have to make this box easy removable. Cargo area at the back has way more room but we are going to use it for subwoofer box.


Let’s start with easiest part- front speakers. It was really easy, just get 4″ empty marine speaker boxes and put them on the dash

Next step- we need to run all wires to desired locations. 2 8Ga power wires from battery to the front, 3 pairs of speaker wires from front to the rear cargo area. Also we need wires for LED lights above each wheel. RCA and trigger wire from Bluetooth adapter to the front.

All wires wrapped to weatherproof tape for safety, because it’s not a passenger car it’s ultimate off-road vehicle and you have to make sure and double check that all your connections are safe.

After we’ve got all wires in place it’s time to make a connectors. At the front we need 2 power and 2 signal connectors. So anytime this Polaris ACE goes for maintenance it will be really easy to remove this box with amplifiers in 1 minute. Just unplug those 4 connectors, remove clips and pull the box out. Same story with subwoofer box.

Two amplifiers in the front storage box

Next- building the subwoofer box. As long the “plug and play” subwoofer for Polaris ACE 900 doesn’t exist – we must build custom box. Also, to fit rear 6.5″ speakers we decided to put them on the subwoofer box.

Starting with carboard templates and rough cut birch.


Now we got shape of the box which have internal volume really close to what the speaker requires for better sound. It’s time to proceed with fiberglassing.

Let’s see how the speakers will look on this box.

Looks good. For the speakers we had KICKER boxes. But as you can see on pictures there is a ROCKFORD FOSGATE logo. Here is how we made a RF logo for Kicker boxes

Step 1-  Remove Kicker logo and cut exact same size from acrylic.

Step 2- Put the RF sticker on acrylic piece

Step3- Paint front side of new logo black

Step4- Paint back side of new logo white

Step 5- Remove RF sticker

Step 6- Enjoy your new logo

Here is Kicker an RF logos side by side. Also, to give new logo some fancy touch- put the LED light inside the box.

Ok, let’s finish the subwoofer box. Whole box has been soaked in fiberglass resin inside and outside to make it waterproof. After few layers of bondo and few hours of sanding box was covered with few layers of bedliner for better weather protection and better look.

Subwoofer box secured with 1/4 bolts and “T-nuts” so even if you race between the trees in the forest- the box will be secured and safe.

And now it’s time to check this Polaris ACE 900 soundsystem outside!


and here is the bass!

Driving this Polaris through Great 2019 Snowstorm was so much fun! No problem with system.