Road King audio system

Today we have special guest in the shop. Meet The Road King! No fairing, no radio, leather saddlebags and tour-pak.

Owner of this bike came to our shop to ask us about audio system, but it is a Road King so that means no fairing and no radio. Yes, he might trade this bike to Street Glide or Road Glide but this 2013 Road King is in superior condition it looks like brand new bike even if it has 30000 kilometers. Also trading the bike means loosing the money so we have to do our best to get nice sound and keep this bike looks great. Another bad thing- those saddlebags are wrapped in leather so we can’t cut them to put the speakers in it. I mean we could cut those bags but we can’t do this because if we cut the leather it will look ugly and also leather might come loose and shrink on the edges.

2013 Road King sound

Just look a the tires, brakes and wheel. Brand new bike!

And we came up with this

Source signal -Bluetooth controller MTX

Amplifier  4 channel Rockford Fosgate T400x4ad

Front speakers…well all 4 speakers will be at the front, two speakers on the handlebars and two in the lower fairings

Handlebar speakers Kicker PSM3

Lower fairings speakers Rockford Fosgate T16

Let’s start

Here is the bluetooth controller installed on the clutch sideRoad King audio systemoth

Handlebar speakers looks really good, cast metal pods with 3 inch speakers. Rated at 50w RMS

Chrome pods fits the bike perfect!

Harley-Davidson Road King speakers

Kicker PSM3 Harley-Davidson

Bluetooth controller comes with just 3 ft long wires, so we had to extend them all the way to the battery (for power) and to the left saddlebag to amplifier) And of course- protect those wires

Bluetooth controller Harley Davidson

To install the speakers in lower fairings, first we had to get those lower fairings. So we’ve got set of lowers painted gloss black which fit black paint on gas tank and looks niceRoad King lower fairing speakers

On this pictures you can see new wiring which we’re made. It contains power and ground for BT controller, signal input and remote turn-on for amplifier and 4 speaker outputs from amplifier

Road King lower fairing speakers

And here is the main part of the story AMPLIFIER

Saddlebags made of plastic and wrapped in leather. The part facing rear wheel has not been wrapped so we will use this part to hold our amplifier in place.

Amplifier will sit on bracket with insert-nuts

Secured with two bolts

Road King amplifier

Bracket secured to the back wall with nuts and bolts

Road King amplifier install Road King amplifier install

As we always do- all connections must be done with quick release connectors. Same story with this bike. 16 pin waterproof connector for signal input and speaker output and 8 ga power connectors

Harley Road king audio

Power connector hidden under left side panel

All wiring connected to amplifier and then bracket with amplifier secured to the back wall

Road King amplifier audio

Wiring inside the saddlebag also must be secured and protected and here is how it looks like with amplifier in place

Harley-Davidson Rockford Fosgate amplifier Harley-Davidson Rockford Fosgate amplifier

Harley-Davidson Rockford Fosgate amplifier

Also, customer asked us to get some bright LED lights for brake signal and turn signals for safety and LED lights for fun.

So here is 8″ Plasma rods and LED stop light bulb for safety

Harleyd LED Plasma lights

Harleyd LED Plasma lights Harleyd LED Plasma lights

And here is LED lights for fun. Activated by remote control

Harley Davidson LED lights Harley Davidson LED lights Harley Davidson LED lights

All LED lights installed on non removable parts. This way- if someone will have to remove gas tank for example- it could be done without disconnecting or removing LED light and with no extra labor. Here is some pictures how it’s done (double sided tape is not enough. all LED strips has been secured with tie straps and glue where it’s possible)

Harley Davidson LED lights Harley Davidson LED lights Harley Davidson LED lights Harley Davidson LED lights Harley Davidson LED lights


And in the end of the story- some videos from our Instagram