Today I’ll show you another Harley-Davidson sound system, but it is a little bit different than most of our builds

Bike has 8 speakers in total, Front fairing with Tweeter bar by Hogtunes, lower fairing speakers by Hogtunes, 5×7 in the saddlebag lids and two more speakers in tour-pak. All this speakers were powered by Clarion marine amplifier (4 ch) inside the fairing and 2 channel Zapco amplifier.

New system equipment list
Fairing Hertz MPK165.3 2 way component speakers
Lower fairing Hogtunes 7″ (for now)
Saddlebag lids Alpine SPR-57C “Old new stock”
Tour-pak Rockford Fosgate T16
Rockford Fosgate DSR1 to control all the speakers and connect Bluetooth adapter, so we can listen the music via Bluetooth even if the radio is off.

Amplifiers – Rockford Fosgate T400x4ad for front speakers, Rockford Fosgate T1000x5ad for lids, tour-pak and TWO 10″ Ground ZERO “Yellow basket” woofers inside saddlebags, because we need some serious BASS!

Yeah, this ones
Ground Zero Harley-Davidson

Let’s start with tweeters in the fairing. Hogtunes tweeter bar need some modifications to fit new Hertz tweeters

Hogtunes tweeter

Hogtunes and Hertz


Hertz 6.5 woofers in stock locations and Rockford DSR1 beside right speaker
Harley-Davidson Hertz speakers

And now some scary stuff. Old Zapco amplifier was connected to the battery with nice 6AWG wire…but right inside the tour-pak 6AWG wire was connected to 16AWG wire. I don’t know who did this, but it is scary!

New power and signal wires and new amplifier will fix the problem
Harley Davidson amplifier

New amplifier protected with cover

Harley Davidson amplifier

Stock saddlebag speakers were replaced with Alpine SPR

Harley-Davidson saddlebag speakers

And now it’s time for 10 inch woofers in the saddle bags. To install this speakers we need special adapter rings and cut a hole inside the saddlebag

Harley davidson 10 inch speakers GZ
Ground Zero Yellow basket

After couple hours of work we’ve got this

Harley davidson 10 inch speakers GZ

Harley davidson 10 inch speakers GZ

Ground Zero Yellow basket

I don’t have a videos of this bike, but yes it is loud and got some really good “kick bass”