This automotive masterpiece came in Canada from Sweden in 2010. Volvo XC90 fully loaded with every electronic unit which can be installed in the vehicle. And on top of this luxury equipment fiber optic network  aka MOST-bus wich controls all electronic units in this car.

Altered sound Oakville car audio installations

Volvo XC90 aftermarket radio install

To install any aftermarket device in this Volvo you have to make sure that you’ll not cut fiber optic network, because if you take any module out- the car won’t start or will show some errors on the display.

Also, when you’ll try to replace factory radio you may lose parking sensors.

But we know how to change the radio and keep all factory features without any problems and error codes.

Let’s start to take apart the dash.

Altered sound Oakville car audio installations

Radio module comes out as one piece with climate controls. We will use Volvo XC90 2003-2014 Dash kit Metra 99-9228B to install new JVC KW-M730BT Apple Car Play and Android Auto media receiver

So we have to remove radio module from the bracket. CD-player was removed as well. All parts was removed carefully and all factory system can be reinstalled if it will be necessary in the future.Altered sound Oakville car audio installations

Remember- we can’t disconnect any electronic unit. So we have to keep MOST bus loop. To keep the loop -factory radio screen was removed from the radio and hidden inside the dash (connected to the MOST bus).

Factory amplifier also was left connected, we just bypass it with new speaker wires. Now all speakers connected to the new radio.

But what about parking sensors? Yes, we made them work with new radio!

With the factory radio, sound from parking sensors comes through the rear right speaker, we’ve ran new wires for the parking sensors to the centre channel speaker. Here is new center channel speaker.

Altered sound Oakville car audio installations

When all connections was made and all wires was hidden, time to put new radio in the dash.

Altered sound Oakville car audio installations

Customer was really happy with all new features in this radio, Apple Car Play, Bluetooth, MP3, AUX, USB and more.

The end!