Few pictures of `74 JEEP CJ5 audio system. This fully restored JEEP came to our shop to get simple sound system but with some restrictions.

Altered sound Jeep CJ5 audio Toronto Oakville Mississauga Ontario Canada

Owner of this CJ5 said – I want simple system, but i don’t want to see any wires and cables. The only thing may be exposed is speaker box beside the transmission lever. All other equipment must be hidden!

Speaker box was easiest part of this install. Customer brought this box with 6.5 Kicker ES speakers.

But those Kicker speakers had a silver grilles and didn’t match the black interior. Kicker speakers has been replaced with Rockford Fosgate T16

Black speakers and black grilles – 100% match! Also, this speakers surprised us with powerful and really impressive sound in this small boxes!

As you can see on the pictures- this CJ5 don’t have head unit and we can’t cut the dash to put new radio in it.

To solve this problem we will use Soundstream ST4.1000DB 4 channel amplifier with built-in Bluetooth adapter

Subwoofer must be hidden so we chose theĀ Cervin Vega slim 10″powered subwoofer

Amplifier and subwoofer installed under the back seat. We can’t use the screws or drill any holes in the fibreglass body. So we had to use the silicon glue to install amp and sub. We glued piece of birch to the body and then amplifier and subwoofer has been screwed down to the birch.

Altered sound car audio Oakville Mississauga ontario Canada

Power and speaker wiring

All wires must be hidden, so the only way to get power from the battery is to run all wires underneath the body.

Shh- don’t tell to owner, but we had to drill two holes in the body.

Big hole for power (positive and negative), ignition and speaker wires under passenger seat close to the amplifier and subwoofer. All wires protected

We run wires all the way to the battery. Second hole we drill in the firewall beside the battery for speaker wires.

To cover the hole for stock radio we put black mesh grill.

Pair your phone to the amplifier and enjoy Spotify, Apple Music and other music apps!