Upgrading the stock “BOOM AUDIO” STAGE 3 by HD with ROCKFORD FOSGATE components

This 2017 Harley-Davidson CVO came in already loaded with sound system. It had “BOOM AUDIO” Stage 3 by Harley-Davidson. 3 amplifiers (2 in each saddlebag and one amplifier in the fairing), BOOM audio front 3way component system with 6.5 woofers, 2″ dome midrange and 1″ tweeters, 5×7 rear speakers in the saddlebag lids and 4″ in the lower fairing. Unfortunately the price for this Stage 3 system doesn’t guarantee great sound. That’s why this bike came in our shop.

System plan
Remove all 3 amplifiers and use just two 4 channel Rockford Fosgate POWER TM400Xad
Remove All speakers from the fairing. Keep just 4″ in the lower fairing. Replace speakers with Rockford Fosgate 6″ Components
Remove stock 5×7 speakers and replace it with Rockford Fosgate T1 5×7 coaxials
Build the subwoofer box in the beerbox for shallow Rockford Fosgate 10″ “Punch” subwoofer speaker

2017 Harley Davidson CVO Street Glide audio upgrade

Removing old system

Some “Old vs New” pictures
Harley-Davidson CVO audio upgrade

Front speakers
Harley-Davidson CVO audio upgrade

Rear speakers

Harley-Davidson CVO audio upgrade

Subwoofer box building process. Box made from birch with some fiberglass on the side and MDF for the trim

After few hours of trial and error we’ve got perfect shape of the box which allows us to put the box in and remove easy and close the lid. Here is final result

To get maximum output from the subwoofer we must modify the bottom part of the beerbox. We cut the hole right under the speaker so the bass can easily go through this hole outside the beerbox.

Next step- amplifiers. Each amplifier will be installed in each saddlebag using stock mounting brackets.

Saddlebags must be removable to clean and service the Harley-Davidson, so we had to use waterproof connectors for power and signal wires.

Also, all wires protected with weatherproof tape, secured on the bike frame

Front speakers. Tweeter fits OEM location and woofers installet into OEM speaker boxes

Rear speakers requires some modifications to make it fit stock locations

To get best sound in any Harley-Davidson (2014 and up) the stock radio MUST be flashed with special tool to remove built-in equalizer settings.
Here is frequency response of OEM HD radio before and after flashing

And here is final result. THE SOUND!