Today we are going to add amplifier and 6×9 speakers to this Street Glide

Previous system plan was add new amplifier in the saddlebag and install new Rockford Fosgate 6×9 Saddlebag kit. But at the end it we also had to replace front fairing speakers and power wires for old amplifier.

Let’s start with amazing product by Rockford Fosgate. 6×9 speaker kit for saddle bags

Harley-Davidson audio

Installation process looks scary and complicated, but in the reality it’s really easy if you know what you doing.

Remove the lid from the bag, install template, cut the hole, install all brackets and speaker. Done!

Next- new amplifier. This time we use Arc Audio amplifier (Customer brought it with his bike)
New bracket for the amplifier goes in the same spot as OEM Boom Audio amplifiers

As usual- all wires for amplifier connected with quick release waterproof connectors

Left speaker also have a quick release connector.

This bike already had an aftermarket amplifier installed in other shop. But it wasn’t good install. We found power cables placed under the gas tank across the frame and seems like it was pinched.

We can’t leave it like this, so it’s time to run new wires

And after we finished all connections and got some sound from this system- something was wrong. This bike had 6.5 speakers in the fairing, 6.5 in the lower fairing, it supposed to sounds good but still no bass from front fairing.
And here is the problem. This speaker is too big and rubber surround got ripped off.

New 6″ Rockford Fosgate coaxial speakers fits perfect in oem locations!

And here is the video