After ACE 900 we’ve got this RS-1 single seater for audio system. And yes, there is no “plug and play” systems for single seaters available. And we have to build our own custom system again.

This Polaris RS1 is bigger than Polaris ACE 900 but at the same time there is no room for amplifiers and subwoofer at all!

And we have to install 6.5″ front speakers, 4″ rears, 10″ subwoofer and 5 channel amplifier. The only one spot we might use is a plastic cargo area above the engine. Let’s try to build subwoofer box there.

As you can see this panel is not so big, and we still must find the place for amplifier

What if we put amplifier in the subwoofer box? Let’s see how it goes

Well, not bad. Better than nothing, right? So let’s finish the box. Few layers of fiberglas. Box soaked in fiberglass resin for waterproofing

For the amplifier we made this cover, it’s going to protect the amplifier and connectors

Also, box has been painted. We used few layers of heavy duty bedliner. Box secured witn 1/4 bolts to metal frame.

Amplifier sits on the outside wall and secured with bolts. We’ve made waterproof quick release connectors so the box can be easy removed.

This Polaris have a door on the left side and plastic panels on the ride. We will use right side to run all power and signal wires.
Bluetooth controller installed beside ignition key, also front and rear LED lights connected through this little switch

Time to install speakers
Front speakers on the roll cage

Rear speakers also on the roll cage in small 4″ boxes. Focal grill fits perfect!

Time to put some stickers and this Polaris RZR RS-1 ready to blast good tunes on the trail!

Some videos